3B X Sconzyadisco - Taba (Prod By Scanty Beatz)

 "Taba" is an energetic and infectious Afrobeat song created by the collaboration between 3B and Sconzyadisco. Produced by the talented Scanty Beatz, the track combines vibrant African rhythms with captivating melodies and engaging lyrics to create a memorable musical experience.

The song opens with a catchy and rhythmic intro, instantly drawing listeners in with its pulsating beats and lively instrumentation. The production showcases the fusion of modern Afrobeat elements with traditional African sounds, creating a rich and dynamic sonic landscape.

As the verse kicks in, 3B and Sconzyadisco's vocals take center stage, delivering an engaging performance filled with charisma and energy. Their voices effortlessly blend together, harmonizing and complementing each other throughout the song. The lyrics of "Taba" are filled with positivity, joy, and celebration, encouraging listeners to let loose and enjoy the moment.

The chorus is an infectious and anthemic section, designed to get people moving and singing along. It features a memorable melodic hook that is both catchy and uplifting, making it a standout part of the song. The rhythm section maintains its infectious groove, driving the momentum forward and ensuring that the energy remains high throughout.

"Taba" is a song that embodies the spirit of Afrobeat, combining infectious rhythms, captivating melodies, and vibrant vocals to create a feel-good and dance-worthy track. It showcases the talents of 3B, Sconzyadisco, and the production skills of Scanty Beatz, resulting in a musical experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

3B X Sconzyadisco - Taba (Prod By Scanty Beatz)[Download


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