Shatta Wale – Incoming ft. Tekno

"Incoming" is an energetic and infectious Afrobeat collaboration by Shatta Wale featuring Tekno. Released in 2023, the song combines the distinct musical styles of the two artists, creating a vibrant and captivating track.
The song begins with a catchy and rhythmic intro, setting the stage for the high-energy vibe that follows. Shatta Wale's commanding vocals take center stage as he delivers his verses with confidence and flair. His unique vocal style, characterized by a blend of singing and rapping, adds a dynamic element to the track.

Tekno, known for his smooth and melodious voice, complements Shatta Wale's performance with his soulful and captivating vocals. The synergy between the two artists is evident throughout the song, creating a seamless blend of their talents.
"Incoming" is driven by an infectious beat that combines elements of Afrobeat and dancehall.
 The lively percussion, groovy bassline, and vibrant melodies create an irresistible rhythm that immediately captures the listener's attention. The production showcases the artists' ability to create a sound that is both contemporary and rooted in African music traditions.
Lyrically, "Incoming" touches upon themes of success, celebration, and the artists' rise to fame. The lyrics are delivered in a mix of English and local dialects, adding an authentic and cultural touch to the song.

Overall, "Incoming" is a highly energetic and captivating song that showcases the talents of Shatta Wale and Tekno. Its infectious beat, memorable melodies, and impressive vocal performances make it a standout track in the Afrobeat genre, leaving listeners wanting more.

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Shatta Wale – Incoming ft. Tekno

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