Jay Bahd – Masesa ft Skyface SDW x Kwaku DMC


"Masesa" is a popular Ghanaian song by Jay Bahd featuring Skyface SDW and Kwaku DMC. Released in [insert year], the track belongs to the drill music genre, known for its gritty and energetic sound.

"Masesa" showcases the distinctive style and lyrical prowess of Jay Bahd, a talented Ghanaian rapper associated with the Asakaa movement. The song's title, "Masesa," is a term in the Ghanaian Twi language that loosely translates to "I'm different" or "I'm unique." It sets the tone for the song, highlighting the artists' individuality and confidence in their craft.

With their distinct voices and captivating flows, Jay Bahd, Skyface SDW, and Kwaku DMC deliver dynamic verses that are characterized by their street-oriented lyrics, wordplay, and energetic delivery. The artists paint vivid pictures of their realities, addressing their come-up, street life, and the pursuit of success. The lyrics reflect the struggles, ambitions, and aspirations of young artists from urban communities, making "Masesa" relatable to many listeners.

The instrumental of "Masesa" features hard-hitting drums, heavy basslines, and dark, atmospheric melodies that are typical of the drill music sound. The production creates an intense and captivating backdrop for the artists' performances, amplifying the song's energy and adding to its overall appeal.


The collaboration between Jay Bahd, Skyface SDW, and Kwaku DMC in "Masesa" showcases their chemistry and ability to complement each other's styles. Their seamless transitions between verses, catchy ad-libs, and infectious hooks contribute to the song's captivating and memorable nature.

"Masesa" has gained significant popularity within the Ghanaian music scene and has garnered a dedicated fanbase, particularly among enthusiasts of drill music. The song's raw and unapologetic approach, combined with its catchy melodies and powerful performances, has made it a standout track in the repertoire of Jay Bahd and his collaborators.

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Jay Bahd – Masesa ft Skyface SDW x Kwaku DMC

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