Fameye - Not God (remix) Ft Stonebwoy


The cover art for Fameye's "Not God" remix featuring Stonebwoy, designed by Caleb Menka-Cee Menka, is a visually captivating and thought-provoking masterpiece. The design seamlessly blends elements of fame, spirituality, and the essence of the song's message.


At the center of the artwork stands Fameye, portrayed with a powerful and confident stance. He exudes an aura of determination, symbolizing his journey in the music industry and his rise to prominence. His presence is highlighted by vibrant colors and intricate patterns that emanate from his figure, representing the energy and passion he brings to his music.

Adjacent to Fameye, Stonebwoy's image is depicted with equal prominence. He stands tall, emanating strength and resilience. The artist's regal demeanor reflects his status as a respected figure in the music industry, while the flames surrounding him symbolize his fiery and captivating performances.

The background of the artwork features a blend of celestial and earthly elements. The sky above is adorned with stars and cosmic patterns, representing the influence and impact of both artists in the music industry. Below, the earth is depicted with lush greenery and vibrant landscapes, metaphorically representing the growth and success that Fameye and Stonebwoy have achieved.

In the foreground, intricate symbols and motifs are scattered throughout the artwork, alluding to spirituality and the divine. These symbols are beautifully intertwined with elements of music, such as musical notes, instruments, and sound waves, emphasizing the song's theme and the artists' connection to their craft.

Caleb Menka-Cee Menka's artistic touch is evident in the attention to detail and the harmonious composition of the cover art. The combination of vibrant colors, symbolic imagery, and the depiction of Fameye and Stonebwoy creates a visually striking representation of the "Not God" remix, capturing the essence of the song and the collaborative efforts of these two talented artists.

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Fameye - Not God (remix) Ft Stonebwoy

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