Y2K Ft Shatta Wale - Melissa (Cover)-[Mixed By Still Browny Beatz]

"Melissa" is a cover song by Y2K featuring Shatta Wale and mixed by Still Browny Beatz. The original version of "Melissa" was released by Shatta Wale, a prominent Ghanaian dancehall artist. Y2K, known for his production and remixing skills, collaborated with Shatta Wale to create this rendition.

The cover version of "Melissa" maintains the essence of the original song while incorporating Y2K's unique production style. The track blends elements of dancehall, afrobeats, and electronic music, creating an infectious and energetic sound.

Y2K's production adds a fresh twist to the song, with dynamic beats, vibrant synths, and catchy melodies that enhance the overall atmosphere. Shatta Wale's vocals bring his distinctive style and charisma to the track, delivering captivating performances.

Still Browny Beatz, the mixing engineer, has contributed to the final sound of the song. Their expertise ensures that the various elements of the track are balanced and polished, resulting in a professional and cohesive sonic experience.

Overall, "Melissa" by Y2K featuring Shatta Wale, mixed by Still Browny Beatz, is an exciting cover version that combines Y2K's production prowess, Shatta Wale's vocals, and Still Browny Beatz's mixing skills. The song offers a fresh interpretation of the original while maintaining its captivating energy.

Y2K Ft Shatta Wale - Melissa (Cover)-[Mixed By Still Browny Beatz]



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