Ofastyle - Hashi remix Ft Kwesi Amewuga


"Hashi Remix" is a song by Ofastyle featuring Kwesi Amewuga, with production by Smokeybeatz. The song combines elements of multiple genres, such as Afrobeat, hip-hop, and possibly electronic music. It features a lively and energetic beat with catchy melodies and rhythmic patterns.

The vocals of Ofastyle and Kwesi Amewuga blend together, bringing a dynamic and engaging performance to the song. The lyrics could touch upon a variety of themes, including personal experiences, emotions, or storytelling, depending on the artist's style and intentions.
With Smokeybeatz as the producer, you can expect a well-crafted instrumental arrangement, incorporating various instruments, electronic elements, and possibly some unique sound effects to enhance the overall musical experience.

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Ofastyle - Hashi remix Ft Kwesi Amewuga


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