Mista Myles — Body Remix Ft Shatta Wale


"Body Remix" is a captivating song by Mista Myles featuring Shatta Wale, two talented artists from Ghana. Released as a remix, the song combines their unique musical styles and creates an energetic and vibrant fusion of Afrobeat and dancehall.


The song begins with an infectious and catchy melody that instantly grabs the listener's attention. Mista Myles kicks off the track with his smooth and melodious vocals, delivering captivating verses that showcase his versatility as an artist.         His lyrics are filled with charm and charisma, reflecting on the beauty and allure of a woman's body.

As the song progresses, Shatta Wale's commanding presence takes over, injecting his signature dancehall flavor into the mix. His powerful and energetic delivery adds an extra layer of intensity to the track, creating a dynamic contrast between the two artists' styles.


"Body Remix" is driven by a pulsating beat that blends traditional African rhythms with modern production elements. The infectious drum patterns and vibrant instrumentation create an irresistible groove, making it impossible to resist moving to the music.

The lyrics of the song celebrate the sensuality and allure of a woman's body, with both artists expressing their admiration and desire. The song embraces the joy of life and encourages listeners to let loose and enjoy the moment.


Overall, "Body Remix" by Mista Myles featuring Shatta Wale is a captivating and infectious Afrobeat/dancehall collaboration. It showcases the talents of both artists, combining their unique styles to create a high-energy and enjoyable musical experience.

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Mista Myles — Body Remix Ft Shatta Wale


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