Bisa Kdei - Because of Money

"Because of Money" is a popular song by Bisa Kdei, a talented Ghanaian highlife artist. Released in    August 2023, the song showcases Bisa Kdei's unique style and captures the essence of highlife music, a genre that blends traditional Ghanaian rhythms with contemporary elements.
The song revolves around the theme of money's influence on relationships and society. It addresses the tendency for people to prioritize wealth and material possessions over genuine love and human connections. Bisa Kdei's soulful vocals and emotive delivery add depth to the lyrics, highlighting the emotional impact of money-driven decisions.

Musically, "Because of Money" features a lively and rhythmic instrumental arrangement, characterized by vibrant percussion, melodic guitar lines, and catchy hooks. The composition combines modern production techniques with traditional highlife elements, creating a captivating and energetic sound.

Bisa Kdei's "Because of Money" has resonated with audiences in Ghana and beyond, not only for its infectious melodies but also for its thought-provoking message. It serves as a testament to Bisa Kdei's talent as a singer-songwriter and his ability to infuse contemporary music with Ghanaian cultural influences.

Bisa Kdei - Because of Money


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