Beeztrap KOTM – Different Type Of Gangster (Full EP)


"Different Type of Gangster" is the title track of Beeztrap KOTM's EP of the same name. The song starts with a dark and ominous piano melody, which sets the tone for the gritty and raw lyrics that follow. The beat drops with a heavy bassline and the rapper's flow enters the track with an aggressive energy. 


Throughout the song, Beeztrap KOTM flexes his lyrical prowess, using clever wordplay and metaphors to describe his life as a "different type of gangster". He raps about the struggles he's faced, the sacrifices he's made, and the people who have doubted him along the way. 


The chorus is catchy and anthemic, with Beeztrap KOTM declaring that he's "a different type of gangster, yeah, I walk with my head held high". The song has a strong sense of authenticity, with Beeztrap KOTM rapping about his real-life experiences and the harsh realities of growing up on the streets. 


Overall, "Different Type of Gangster" is a powerful and gritty track that showcases Beeztrap KOTM's skills as a rapper and his unique perspective on what it means to be a gangster in today's world.

Beeztrap KOTM – Different Type Of Gangster (Full EP)

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