Black Sherif arrested at Kotoka International Airport

Black Sherif was arrested at Kotoka International Airport on July 19, 2023, after returning to Ghana

The 21-year-old musician, real name Mohammed Ismail Sherif, is returning home after performing at some of the most prestigious music festivals in the United States and Europe this summer.

Among other places, he has performed at AfroNation Portugal, Wireless Festival UK, Couleur Cafe Festival in Belgium, SummerJam Festival in Köln, and Openair Frauenfeld in Switzerland.

A video showing Black Sherif being brought into a van by officers has gone viral. The Oh Paradise hitmaker was arrested when a cruise ship firm alleged that Blacko's team was paid and billed to play on a cruise ship per the contract. However, he did not complete his side of the contract, which resulted in his imprisonment. The viral footage of Black Sherif being arrested at KIA is embedded below. 

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