Sikabahitzmedia (Biography) - Know more about this Ghanaian blogger.

Sikabahitzmedia (Biography) - Know more about this  Ghanaian blogger.

 Sikabahitzmedia, born Malachi Sarfo is a intelligent Ghanaian Blogger who hails from the central region, Kasoa

His passion for Blogging start at an early age where he used to write an Articles with every opportunity that came his way. 

 Sikabahitzmedia has a unique Talent style derived from his desire to blog, edit and promote with everything happening around him. 

Sikabahitzmedia however hopes to develop his Blogging career around the the world. 

Sikabahitzmedia attended ST. Mary's Anglican in kasoa and Andrews SDA Academy in kasoa. He then further his education at Koforidua Technical Institute at Eastern Region Koforidua. where he into plumbing . He hosted a show called Name Launching with his Supportives Quofi Sterling, Better Days, Malfred, Rev.Gyasi Welberforce, Sea black and Bishop Samuel Ahenkorah.

After his education he started blog '' which paved way for him to start working for Hytv, Sam Wonder tv and Nakay Studio. Later he extend his blog to as the work grew up large

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