Meet Gorgeous Ghanaian female barber FRANKAVIBES.
Meet Gorgeous Ghanaian female barber FRANKAVIBES. 

The world has come to accept that what a man can do, a woman is equal to the task. But there are certain businesses with total male dominance in Ghana. 

An example of such a business is barbering but ,25 year of Francisca Korsah aka FRANKAVIBES is out to make a statement for the ladies. For a gorgeous lady with a silky voice,  one will wonder why she chose such a profession. Franka explains that, she was influenced by her environment especially her brother , who was a barber during her childhood. She said  "my brother was not serious about the profession, sometimes customers will meet his absence, and to help him I started shaving them to keep the business running " . 

 Asked if her profession has brought any challenges to her as a lady, she replied " no, not so all , a lot of men actually enjoy getting their haircut from me, since most men have never been shaved by a lady". 

 Apart from barbering , FRANKAVIBES is also the official brand ambassador for Bojo Beach hotel and Resort, with her face on all of its major billboards and advertisement. She also has a passion for music and is planning to release 3 projects this year. 
 Follow FRANKAVIBES and experience the amazing touch of Ghana's most outstanding female barber on Instagram 
@frankavibes. You can also book an appointment for haircut via social media.
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