"Na boys go rush you" with this sleek crisscross ponytail braid

African hair braiding styles are the best. Literally, they are sleek, edgy and come in so many styles. So if you’re looking for some amazing African hair braiding styles, we’ve got you covered.
Today, we are going the sleek route with this crisscross ponytail braided hairstyle. In our opinion, this is the easiest braided look you can do yourself. It features 2 c-curve braids starting at the temple and a ponytail decorated in braided strands. And just look at those edgesgurl!

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

We don’t think we have to tell you which part of this hairstyle is our fave right? Like, go figure!

Photo: YouTube

Thanks to the amazing people at Magic Fingers Studio like Stasha Harris, we get to see these looks and other African hair braiding styles being made. Thankfully you’ll only need a few things;

Hair attachments that match your hair

Hair gel like the Gorilla Snot or Eco Styler Gel

A rat tail comb & hair brush

Black rubber bands

So, press play to watch how you to can create this sleek crisscross ponytail at home.

Share your thoughts on this look with us in the comments section. We’d love to hear what you think! And check this out if you want more inspiration!

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