Just In : Shatta Wale Returns Car, Apologizes In Tears And Vows Never To Disrespect Joint 77 Ever Again
Up-to-the-minute on the contemporary hubbub raging through the jungly Ghanaian internet community; is the abrupt report which has expressed puzzlement over the neoteric infantile behaviour of the African Dancehall king – Shatta Wale
An un-anticipated contention flared-up between Shatta Wale and a Joint 77 in the course of a live radio interview hosted by Andy Dosty on Hitz Fm.

This interview which was purposely scheduled to settle the feud between these two former close buddies led to an unforeseen back and forth public banter exacerbating the already erupted chaos.

Shatta Wale who appeared visceral in the course of the interview; verbally thrusted on joint 77 and additionally took subtle swipes at the latter’s mother.

To make matters worse ; the outspoken and controversial performer also sent a handful of police officials to retrieve a Toyota Camry he gifted Joint 77 druing his last birthday.

This babyish behaviour erupted an uproar amongst the fans of the paradoxical figure and entertainment critics on whether such behaviour was appropriate or otherwise. Shatta Wale was brutally chastised on the Ghanaian internet community succeeding such idiomatic behaviour.

Gleaned information from the allies of Shatta Wale on the desks of Gossips24.com confirms that; the dancehall genius upon sober reflections has returned back the seized car and full of poignancy apologized never to disrespect Joint 77 henceforth.

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