Four ‘dangerous‘ reasons why you should never sleep with a woman during her period
Four ‘dangerous‘ reasons why you should never sleep with a woman during her period

Women as the Bible says are weaker vessel, but the same Bible said the key to success is in the hands of women, thus treat them with love and care to be able to get this success.

In Building a healthy and good relationship, have an intimate affair with your partner is a key factor to actualizing that goal. But is pursue of that, it is never advisable to have an affair with your woman during her menstrual cycle for some reasons.

1. You can cause her pain during the process.

Most women experience internal pain during their menstrual cycle, so having an affair with her can only inflict more pain to that than she has already.

2. It is not Hygienic.

During a menstrual cycle procedure, scientists has it that uterus washes out germs in the form of blood which you shouldn’t have contact with. Thus having affair during this process can endanger your health as a man.

3. Having an affair with your partner during her menstrual cycle is a sign of disrespect.

As a caring husband, you should be more caring, loving and passionate when your wife is going through these period of pain. Buy her gifts, choose to handle the kitchen while she pass through the process.

4. Is an abomination to GOD.

According to Leviticus, GOD forbid Men to have intercourse with their wives during their menstrual cycle. Be patient for this process only last for a while
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