Award-winning female artiste MzVee has waded into the debate about how beefs in the music industry should go.

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MzVee advised her fellow musicians to express themselves during beefs through the lyrics of their songs and not physical fights

In an interview on TV3 and monitored by MzVee urged musicians to share their emotions through their songthroughout.

MzVee's comments come on the back of the several beefs that have come up in the industry in this short time.

"Fights happen everywhere. It’s not new. They should just keep it lyrical. It shouldn’t go beyond that ever. You should be able to express yourself completely in a song,” she stated.

"That’s what music is for. We share our emotions and thoughts with people so you should be able to share what you think in your music but don’t let it ever get physical…I hear they’ve made friends now so it’s a good thing so they should carry on and do music and even collaborate…,” she advised Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz.
Asked if she would ever engage in any beef, the pretty singer responded in the negative explaining that “it’s just not my style” and that she prefers handling issues with people privately
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A week ago, the beef between musician Sista Afia and rapper Freda Rhymz got personal when the two physically faced off at the premises of TV3.

The two female artistes, who have over the past few days jabbed each other in diss songs, got physical when they met.
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