Meet young boy who paid his own fees since JHS & became UG valedictorian

- The 2019 best graduating student from the College of Humanities in the University of Ghana has narrated how he started paying his fees since JHS

- Dennis, an alumnus of Bishop Herman College studied Bsc Administration (Accounting Major) at the UG

- When Dennis got to Primary 6, his father got paralyzed and since then, he has had to work & pay his fees with some financial assistance from sold properties of his dad.

Dennis Siayor, the 2019 valedictorian of the College of Humanities from the University of Ghana (UG) who graduated with a 3.91 GPA started paying for his own fees since JHS to achieve his successes.

In an interview with, Dennis indicates that his father suffered a terrible paralysis when he was only in primary six and from then on, could not fend for the young brilliant boy.

"My father got paralyzed when I was in class 6 so I had to work after JHS as a sales agent to raise my admission fees. Subsequently, my father's properties were sold to help further my studies," he indicates.

Subsequently, Dennis was able to attend Bishop Herman College after which he gained admission to the Univerisity of Ghana to study Bsc Administration (Accounting Major).

During his time in university, Dennis had to work on a part-time basis with a relative to fund his academic year fees taking great advantage of the university's 50% fee payment policy.

According to Dennis, he never purposed to become a valedictorian in his college but only operated with the desire to constantly improve be consistent with his studies

In the end, Dennis who unfortunately lost his dad a month to graduation won several prizes on his graduation day including:

1. KPMG Prize for the overall best graduating BSc Administration student

2. Cal Bank prize for the best male Accounting student

3. ACCA /Dean's prize for overall best Accounting student.

Meanwhile, a brilliant young lady identified as Elle with the handle @Mz_Luwi on Twitter has indicated how she achieved her childhood dream of becoming an amazing lawyer.

In a post sighted by that quickly went viral Elle shared a photo of her five-year-old self dressed like a lawyer in the library alongside her present photo wearing the real costume in a similar library.

She captioned it "dream a little dream" which meant that as young as she was at five, Elle already had the dream of what to become in the future, which she eventually did

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